Strategic Priorities

Process Cases Within Legislated and Internal Deadlines and Maintain Quality Standards

The Tribunal's overriding priority is to hear cases and make sound decisions on matters that fall within its jurisdiction within legislative and internal deadlines. In so doing, the Tribunal supports a fair marketplace in Canada, maintains its strong reputation both within Canada and throughout the world and complies with its legislative requirements.

Invest in Our People

The Tribunal's reputation of excellence depends largely on its highly specialized workforce working closely together to deliver on its mandate. The Tribunal will continue to encourage a positive, healthy and respectful work environment and to offer professional development opportunities with an emphasis on learning, knowledge transfer, career and succession planning. The Tribunal will also continue to offer an inclusive barrier-free selection and appointment process reflective of the Canadian population. These measures will contribute to the long term operational requirements of the Tribunal.

Sound Management Practices

The Tribunal will foster sound management practices in processing Tribunal cases and references and will observe all government-wide management accountability priorities, including the Management Accountability Framework and the measures introduced under the Federal Accountability Act. The Tribunal will continue to evaluate its management practices to improve its performance and accountability as a whole.

Improve Service Delivery

The Tribunal will continue to provide efficient and reliable services for parties and their counsel. It will also provide secure, efficient and reliable information technology services to Members and staff. It will at all times protect personal and confidential information and will apply regular process improvements to all these services. These measures will ensure the security and availability of information held by the Tribunal.